Monday, September 26, 2011

Life, Love and everything in between

So recently Barry and I have been hit with extreme financial strain, i know what newlywed can't say that but to us it seems like no matter what we do we can't seem to get a head. I am trying to stay positive for the both of us because i know how much this financial strain is killing Barry, i usually just smile and forget about it for the moment because i would rather be happy. I believe that my strain comes out in the weirdest ways. Like when i am watching a show that has to do with babies or weddings or something like that, or when i see babies being born to my friends it just reminds me of how much i really want to be a mom so i have a little girl to cook with or so Barry has a little boy to show things to. I mean i know it will all come when it is supposed to but i can't help but think that. I love my husband with all my heart and my friends even those i am not friends with anymore and i hate to see it when they are hurt or are in some kind of pain. Lately it has been quite emotional and i tend to listen to music when i am stressed, and i have been listening to a lot of music. I have also been hit with a weird strain of a cold and i hate that at least when i had my tonsils i knew what was ailing me but now i never know and that frustrates me. I am the type of person that likes to know what is going on at all times.. Even when i am asleep i believe i still know what is going on when i wake up.

Barry and I moved to a new apartment and it is bigger but it also comes at a bigger price, but i guess that is what happens when u want somewhere bigger. Other than that life is good.. just living it one day at a time :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

the good the bad the ugly and the New

so i know it has been awhile since i have written like a long while, but i am here now and will try and update on about 5 months worth of Maxwell happenings!

I am no longer working for the Elks and haven't been since about the end of March which is okay for me because i was getting really stressed and i could tell the that the overnight or NOC shift i was doing was affecting my relationship with Barry which is not what we needed so to me that is the good that happened but the bad is that i don't have a job which can get pretty ugly sometimes when trying to pay bills but i am excited to start my new endeavor in going back to school to get my MA degree.. for those who dont know what that stands for it is Medical Assistant, and i am extremely excited because i am doing it with one of my best friends Becky, whom has been there for me when times have gotten tough. We start June 20th and if all goes well will be done January 25th 2013. I had an interview at St Lukes hospital for a CNA position in the Post-OP/ Pre-Op position and don't know yet if i got it but if i didn't then as Barry says it wasn't meant for me...

We got a new baby her name is Bailey and she is 12 weeks old now, when we got her she was 6 almost 7 weeks old, she is alittle bugger but we love her... she looks pretty pissed off at mommy for taking the picture..

 MIL came in April for her spring break, that was fun here is one of pictures from that week my handsome husband and his wonderful mommy.. We had a blast getting our nails done and going on a picnic, Barry i should add did not get his nails done just mom and i. And we went out to dinner for Brandons (my brother) birthday with his girlfriend Jamie (whom we love btw) Mom played Phase 10 for the first time and my dad and her got pretty into it LOL it was fun and she had Marshmellow popcorn YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the first time too.. it was sad to see her go but we love her and can't wait to see the whole family again

Barry started a new Job in April which he loves.. he works for HP doing support. He has to get up really early but i know he is doing something he loves so i know hes okay with it. Barry is going to be going back to school in the Fall for his computer science degree. My man and his computers wow.. nothing much else is happening with barry but i love him and he is doing a great job!

As for Barry and I we are almost at the 1 year mark of when we got married!!! we love being married and i just can't believe its only been a year cause in our short year of marriage we moved to california moved back and lived with my parents for a week and then moved into our own apartment which has been interesting in and of itself! But we are finally getting to the point where we are used to each other, Barry sometimes more than me, ha ha i love you honey, those of you that know Barry know what i mean, and we are just excited to see what is up ahead for us Maxwells.. Hopefully this helps with a bit of an update... Oh yeah and Megan if you read this you are the most important because of one reason, my best friend best friend megan fernsten has lost over 100lbs and i am  so proud of you

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Year New Maxwells

So i Figured it was time to update our blog. A bit has happened since i last wrote. I finished orientation for the Unit Secretary and now i work the NOC shift at work which i work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:30pm-7:00am and then every other Sunday i work 10:30-7:00. It is hard but the patients are worth it! I am also this year going to start working towards my Medical Assistant degree with Phlebotomy and Medical Coding and Billing. I am excited to see where that takes me in life and what i can do. This Year Barry and i would love to go on vacation to California to see the Parents and then we want to visit Six Flags and the Beach. On the way we will also make a pit stop in San Fran to see my Best Friend Ever MeGaN!!! 

Barry and I are also excited to hopefully this year rent a house instead of an apartment where we can have our own space without having to worry about the upstairs neighbors being Soooooo noisy!!  Barry is busy working on getting ready to go to school to finish up his Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, he wants to then go on to get his Masters as well.. I know they say you marry your Dad but i really didn't think that was true until i married Barry.. :-) he is my dad in a lot of ways, but he is different which is good! Maybe also this year i can convince barry we should try to start having kids, i mean com on I'm not getting any younger here.. he keeps telling me that he wants to wait til he is done with his Bachelors which i understand, so maybe by the end of the year we will try, Who knows? 

We finally got to spend a normal Valentine's day together and it was A lot of fun. Barry surprised me by bringing home a dozen pink roses which i absolutely love! they sit in my home and smell pretty!

We then went to Dinner at On the Border Mexican restaurant and then went and saw The Dilemma movie, which was really good and hilarious!! Still can't believe that Barry and i have been married for almost 8 months and this October we have been together for 3 years I love him so much and can't wait for the rest of our lives together!  So that is what is up with the Maxwells lately i will post again when there is more to share!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birthday's and Snow and Promotions

So I thought i would update a little for our blog. We  are still in Boise and we are loving it. Barry is still working for WDS Global and i still work for Elks Rehab hospital where i just got a promotion. I will be working the NOC or 10:30pm- 7:00 am Shift but i will only do CNA work 2 days out of the week and then the other 3 days i will be orienting as a CRSS or a unit secretary. I am extremely excited and i can't wait to start. 

Barry found out the other day that they will be taking out Tech Support in the call center so he has to go back to training to learn the Customer Care side of the work. He isn't too excited for that but it will be a good opportunity for him to expand his horizons.

My Birthday was last weekend and i still can't believe that i am 26 but i guess that is okay. Barry and I before leaving to hang with my parents for the evening in Twin Falls went and bought a Red Wii!!!!! we were extremely excited and couldn't believe the great deal we got on it! We bought a few games to go with it and already love the New Super Mario Brothers game, it is alot of fun. 

Snow! i looked out the window yesterday morning and there was snow falling it was crazy! and then it stopped but then this morning when i woke up after a rough night of coughing and tossing and turning, i came out of the room and Barry says " well that should be interesting to drive in" and i looked out the window again and it was SNOWING AGAIN! this time it was more and falling harder. it is such a pretty sight to see it snowing and i love snow but hate it at the same time.

Barry and I are looking forward to the Holidays for Thanksgiving will be with my Family and then for Christmas we get a treat and get to spend it with BOTH families we are just so happy that we have families that love us so much and we love them as well...WELL!! tata for now. Love you all

The Maxwells!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Newlyweds

So i have Finally decided to start a blog that is just for Barry and myself. I still can't believe that 2 years ago today Barry decided to find me and liked what he say and so he clicked on Flirt. Barry and I are happily married and have been for almost 4 months. 

So to start out Barry and i were married in June and then the next day i made the big move and took me and most of my stuff 718 miles away from everything i knew and went to california. It was a good experience, a hard experience but it was something that i wouldn't trade for anything. We lived with his Mom and Dad and brother and Grandma and Katie. We then made the big decision that California wasn't the place for us as newlyweds, so we made the trek back to Idaho and we now live  in a beautiful apartment about 2 blocks away from my work so i get to ride my bike to work and Barry takes the car. 

It has been a crazy 4 months and an even crazier 2 years but i wouldn't trade the last 2 years for anything because i love my husband with all my heart and i would be lost without him!! So here's to you honey. 2 years down and Many MANY more to come!